You’re Very Chilled About Backing Up Your Files Until This Happens

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Some things are just better left for next week.

You know, like that new healthy eating regime or paying that parking ticket, and especially that drink with a friend you haven’t seen in five years but bumped into the other day.

If you can avoid the last one then congrats, you’re on your way to being a proper Capetonian.

I’m not going to tell you what you should be doing with your life, but I will tell you what you should be doing with all those incredibly important files you have on your computer, mobile, and tablet.

Go ahead and ask a friend who works in IT how many times they deal with someone asking to salvage data from a failed hard drive. Chances are they’ll give you the stink eye because we’re all guilty of dropping the ball on this one.

It’s rough when you lose those pictures from your wilder, more youthful days, but it’s unforgivable when you lose important work stuff. Just ask your boss or staff – pretty sure they’ll agree.

It’s not just a copy and paste gig either, as Computer World makes clear:

Unfortunately, after a disaster strikes is the wrong time to discover that files need software to work, that destination disks may not have the right operating system for every file type, and that recovering files may take too long to do any good.

That’s why a reliable backup solution involves far more than simply copying files from one device to another. To be truly effective in today’s connected, multiple-device-per-person world, backup must provide several important functions, besides, to simply file copy and restore.

So where does this leave us, because I’m no computer whizz and all that above sounds like something for the pros?

Easy peasy people, you phone your personal IT specialists at Dial A Nerd. Whether it’s business or home solutions you’re after, they’re proving to be the go-to guys.

They’ve just landed a Microsoft Partner Award for 2016 for their Cloud solutions, which is a pretty big deal for those in the know.

Don’t be that person who annoys their mates who work in IT when it’s too late, because a little foresight goes a long way.

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