Your personal Back Up Solution

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As denizens of the frenzied digital age, our physical possessions have arguably become less important to us than our virtual ones. We are now almost entirely dependent on our digital resources for the daily running of our personal and professional lives. This means that taking care of digital information has become paramount. Step one is to ensure that all of your files – large and small, business and personal – are backed up. For this, you need a comprehensive and failsafe backup solution – that is specifically geared to mitigate the many risks in today’s volatile digital environment.

Dial a Nerd’s Endpoint Backup solution can work alone or in addition to your other backups (such as shared drives and company backups). This is a true ‘load it and forget it’ solution: at R90,79 per month per user, you can get 10GB of storage. Endpoint Backup will quietly do its job in the background until the day you need it…

Apply today here. The offer includes a 2-month free trial and free remote installation by of our friendly helpdesk engineers.  Cancellation is obligation free!

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