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Voice Search Chrome Extension, Google’s Answer to Making Talking to Your Computer Seem Normal

By 21st Oct 2015Oct 18th, 2019No Comments
voice search chrome extension

How many times has someone randomly caught you talking, or maybe even shouting, at your computer? We bet, far too many times to count.

Google’s new Chrome extension, automatic voice search, now makes talking to your computer part of everyday life. It comes in handy (no pun intended), in those situations where your hands are dirty, like while you’re preparing a Christmas feast, or have your hands full setting up your new home entertainment centre.

The feature is triggered whenever you say the phrase “Ok, Google”, or click on the “search by voice icon”, and then just tell it what you’re looking for.

You’ll know that it’s listening because the microphone icon will be in bold or a bright red microphone icon will pop up. It works on any results page too, so that once you’ve searched, you can continue using your voice as long as you don’t navigate away or click on another open window. The words will be typed into the search bar as you’re talking. And in some situations, it might even talk back.

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