The Desktop environment is changing

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the desktop environment is changing

Low-cost business-grade computers like the CloudGate Square are ushering in a new wave of business computing that will ultimately lead to the demise of traditional desktops.

Jonathan Young, head of product at Cloudware, feels that the adoption of cloud computing is seeing companies rethink their hardware strategies to align with more cost-effective and flexible business models.

“At nearly half the price, a diminutive form factor, and designed with hosted computing in mind, the likes of the CloudGate Square will see businesses change their approach to purchasing IT hardware.”

The market landscape is one where decision-makers are focused on delivering more from limited resources. With the constant threat of load-shedding, using a low-power device like the Square, which runs on less than 15W, makes both business and financial sense.

“Many companies invest in expensive UPS systems and generators to ensure business continuity in the event of a power failure. Yet, its low power needs mean the Square can run on a 1kVA UPS for four and a half hours versus the 20 minutes of a traditional desktop. This means several CloudGates can be run from a UPS for several hours without the need to invest in an expensive generator, making it ideal for an SME environment.”

Weighing 225g and measuring 9cmx9cm and just 2cm high, the Square can also be transported more easily than a cumbersome traditional desktop.

“For companies who need to ship computers into the rest of Africa or areas where there is no reliable infrastructure, 20 units of the CloudGate Square fill the same size box as one desktop. So not only is it easy to carry, but the difference in weight makes for a compelling business argument in terms of reduced shipping costs.”

Young feels that the Square is leading the charge for hybrid computing with a powerfully-specced machine capable of providing a streamlined way to connect to cloud services.

“Computers need to be used as commodities. It is just a tool to access the organisation data and information. The Square means companies can swop and change computers as and when needed without being concerned about maintenance and support.”

Given its design and features, CloudGate is seeing some of SA’s largest clients in logistics, retailing, and hospitality embracing the Square.

“We are seeing a shift in the way people use computers. While there will always be a need for very high-end desktops and laptops to cater for a specific niche, traditional desktops will continue to decline as people opt for CloudGate computers. This is an exciting time to be part of the revolution,” says Young.

This article originally appeared on ITWeb

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