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By 10th Aug 2017Feb 28th, 2022No Comments
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The stone, bronze, industrial and many other ages have come and gone. Some say we are in the information age, but we think we’ve been in the tech age for some time now. That being said, there is a myriad of gadgets and gizmos around us now in 2017, and sometimes it’s tough to know which will have the most significant impact on how we live.

Virtual Reality

As much as VR has grown and impacted the market, it definitely has not changed society. It will remain one of the most important developing technologies this year and we think it will mark the beginning of turning this into a tool for enhancing “boring” activities.

Augmented Reality

With people getting used to the idea of VR, augmented reality will really get a chance to shine. The thing is with AR is that no additional hardware is needed. And, like VR, AR is here to enhance life and make it a little bit more fun. Star Wars has done some great things with AR so far.

Screen Time

As the growth in HDTV has flatlined over the past few years, more focus is being put on the palm-sized mini-computers that we refer to as smartphones. OLED screens help smartphones get thinner and use less battery than ever before.

Artificial intelligence

This has been the most interesting and controversial tech to watch over the past few years. In 2016, we got used to the idea and had multiple digital assistants such as Alexa and Google Home.

There is definitely more fiddling with AI happening and it will continue. Even though brains such as Hawking, Musk, and Gates have warned against playing with the technology, we will see AI powering software and services in all types of industries.

Human tech enhancement

There are already Human and animal robots, but few will be in our homes anytime soon. Rather, the focus has been put on human enhancing robotics. Think of an exoskeleton for humans and some advanced prosthetics. Maybe Elon Musk will really become Iron Man.

Battery tech

If the Note 7 is anything to go on, 2016 proved that manufacturers need to pay closer attention to how batteries are made. Because of this, we might see lithium metal battery technology.

Biometric Tech for Security

Ransomware continues to escalate, and your data is at an even higher risk of being compromised. Decent, strong passwords just don’t seem to be enough anymore. Fingerprint technology has been around for years on a business level. Smartphone manufacturers have managed to make this tech available to consumers. The password is soon going to be redundant.

We will soon be using fingers, faces, eyes and even heartbeats to unlock our technology and protect our privacy.

The future of transportation

Uber, Google, and Lyft are all experimenting with driverless cars and have been for some time. However, at the end of this year, we will see some state in America legalizing self-driving cars.

We also may see the Hyperloop becoming reality with Elon Musk’s recent approvals.

Data, data, data

Data and facts will be even more important as fake news gains popularity. Data may be the key to getting the facts. We should expect some really smart tech coming out that sifts through mountains of data to separate fact from fiction.

Selfie 2.0

With the introduction of Snapchat Specs, the future tech will see the explosion of personal broadcasting and the hardware that goes with it. Expect other Social Giants such as Facebook to come out with wearable broadcast technology.

Smart tech clothes

Smartwatches should continue to slowly grow, but we should finally see the actual wearable tech soon. With Google’s smart textile innovations, we will be wearing smart socks, coats, underwear, you name it.

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