How to spend less time online

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If cutting down on the amount of time you spend online is one of your recent life goals, you are about to go on an interesting journey.

Cutting out the Internet completely is impossible and not the best thing to do as it’s how we learn, keep up with news and communicate. However, cutting down can be beneficial. We look at some ways you can get offline.

Use an actual alarm clock

If the first thing that wakes you up is your phone, you’re more likely to go online first thing in the morning. Choose an alarm clock based on your taste – you get some cool ones as well.

Get a particularly messy hobby

Hobbies that keep your hands clean mean that you are more likely to pick up the phone or laptop and log online for a break. Try pottery, painting, baking or even tie dye. You also may learn a new skill!

Multitasking creates more accidents than solutions

According to research done by APA (American Psychological Association), multitasking leads to brief mental blocks and can decrease your productivity by 40%. So when you pay attention to that notification whilst reading, it’s a mental block. Rather switch off your phone for an hour and just read, or if you are watching something close all other tabs.

Try to leave the phone behind

You might need your phone at work for obvious reasons, but perhaps when you go for your daily walk leave the phone behind. You can do this for many smaller activities such as meeting up with a friend, going on a date or seeing a movie.

Keep a journal of your online activities

If you record everything you do online you might realize how much of your day may have been wasted. This way you can see how much time could be doing other things like building that pallet coffee table you told everyone you were going to make.

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