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We often come across customers asking us if we can help them bypass the geo restriction preventing them from accessing services like Netflix in South Africa. Dial a Nerd made a choice since inception in 1998 to refrain from piracy and, consequently, we will not be able to help users to circumvent legal requirements in terms of broadcasting either.


Now there is ShowMax! A perfectly legal way to access and stream media content from the web via a monthly subscription, just like Netflix. ShowMax is a new video on demand service. It’s TV and movies at your fingertips. You can watch whatever you want, whenever you want online. Backed by media giant Naspers this is a complete game changer!


1) What type of content am I getting? Is this just going to be second rated old South African soapies? Not at all! Think top international TV series like “Game of Thrones” or “Californication” and recent Hollywood films. Many thousands of hours of programming including British releases and South African content.

2) So how do I sign up? Go to ShowMax.com and you can sign up the traditional way or either with your Twitter or Facebook account, it will take less than a minute. You can test the service for 7 days for free, if you like it you can then subscribe using a credit card for R99/month.

3) Where can I access the service? All you need to use ShowMax is an internet connection and a smart device or computer. This includes mobile phones and tablets via iOS and Android apps, laptop and desktop computers using a range of web browsers, many smart TVs will also work. (Geek talk: While you can use a 2Mbps line, ShowMax recommends an uncapped 4Mbps line or faster for the best viewing experience. 2 hours of streaming requires roughly 1GB of data)


4) Is my connection fast enough? that is where we can come in to assist, Dial a Nerd can test your speed, suggest alternative ways to connect if not sufficient and help you with the best configuration for your home network. ShowMax recommends an uncapped 4Mbps line as a minimum requirement for the best viewing experience. You could try with a  2Mbps and see if it works before upgrading. In terms of data usage 2 hours of streaming will use approximately 1GB of data

If you want us to assist you with the set up contact us here

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  • Christi says:

    Hi quick question

    My sister is in Germany and due to the cost of Netflix over there i wanted to find out if this service would legally be available there and if we would be able to setup an account from South Africa and pay her fees…. My only ift to my sister… German comedy is not always that funny guess so I take pitty…

    Thanks for the time

    Have aa fantastic day

  • Good day, I want to know if I can connect my adsl line to a multimedia box and connect it to my TV? Thanks

    • Melissa Viljoen says:

      Hi Pierré,

      Thanks for your comment. Contact one of our technicians to help you with that. You can call or fill in the form here

  • Matt says:

    Hi there, I’ve tried to log into showmax multiple times from both the app on my TV and my phone and Ipad on multiple accounts but it keeps saying incorrect username or password

    I’ve even tried it on brand new email addresses to.test

    This was a big factor in the TV I bought because it was able to use showmax natively but I can’t access the service regardless of what I do

    • Melissa Viljoen says:

      Hi Matt,

      Thanks for your comment. Please email your query to support@showmax.co.za. We are not affiliated with Showmax yet so we cannot help you with that. However, we can help you with your connectivity.

  • Michelle says:

    Is Jane the virgin season 2 on showmax?

    • Melissa Viljoen says:

      Hi Michelle,

      A quick google search leads us to believe that it won’t be…you can always email them at support@showmax.co.za

      Please note we are not affiliated with Showmax, we just think its really cool!

  • Mylene says:

    I want to watch Showmax using my PS3, WHAT DO I NEED TO DO?

  • Chereze says:

    How do I get showmax premium as I want to watch game of thrones but it says I need a premium package

    • Melissa Viljoen says:

      Hi Chereze,

      Showmax used to have ShowMax Basic which was free to use. They have since removed that service for new subscribers. To watch Game of Thrones you need to go to your showmax home screen and upgrade your subscription to Premium which is R 99 a month. If you are already paying for Showmax then please contact them on support@showmax.co.za

      Please note that we are not affiliated with Showmax. So send through your queries there.

  • Twanique says:

    My shomax dont want to accept my card details but everything is right on the details . I need help to use shomax.

  • Shyam says:

    Hi how can I use my roku3 as showmax is not an option

  • Danielle says:


    How do I register a device on showmax?

  • Wesley says:


    I have a jvc smart TV but it seems incompatible with showmax. Any suggestions.

    • Melissa Viljoen says:

      Hi Wesley,

      You can pair it with a CloudGate Circle device which can turn any HDTV/VGA TV into a smart TV. The problem with most Smart TVs is that Android apps aren’t compatible with them. The CloudGate Circle is an Android box so you never have to worry about apps not being compatible with your TV.

  • Ciaran says:

    Hi. It says the device removal is at its limit and I cant watch anything because I cant remove a device. What can I do?

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