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Pro Tip: If Rebooting Your Computer Doesn’t Fix It, This Will (Every Time)

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Computer problems are par for the course when you’re putting your machine through its paces day after day, so the cry of ‘does anyone know what this error message means’ can sometimes be heard ringing out around the office.

It’s at this point that someone will offer the old ‘turn it off and back on again’ routine, which usually causes a rise in blood pressure and some stifled laughter.

The point is that most of the time we get by, but now and again we need the help of the real professionals. We’re owned by one chap, after all, it’s not like we have an IT division waiting to pounce at a moment’s notice.

I guess it’s a dilemma faced by many businesses as to whether or not they can afford dedicated IT specialists, but then we hatched a cunning plan.

Rather than bring a few ‘nerds’ into the office, why not outsource our needs to those who are nerdy for a living?

We’re talking about Dial A Nerd, who have made it easy to have an IT specialist waiting at the other end of the line.

The Dial a Nerd team knows it is essential to keep up with the times and are passionate about staying ahead of the curve, researching new technology in their spare time.

Their job is to put out IT fires and keep everyone connected and operational.  In today’s world having a static IT system can mean the difference between growth or no growth, or it could be the difference in beating a competitor or staying afloat in a tough economy.

The solution is outsourcing, but not necessarily replacing the whole internal IT department.

Dial a Nerd’s comprehensive approach means that they can fulfil all the roles an internal IT department would, but with the added benefit of a larger, more experienced team with cutting-edge technology at their disposal.

Alternatively, they can also work with an existing internal IT department to complement their strengths and provide additional expertise.

Either way, you’re enlisting the help of the real pros, who have offices located in Cape Town (Woodstock) and Jozi (Randburg).

Whether it’s something as simple as a personal PC clean-up (they don’t ask for browser history), or more complex like IT solutions for the workplace, they are the go-to guys and girls for ensuring all your tech needs are met.

Nerds to the rescue, you might say…

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