UPS for Internet and WiFi connections


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Durable and reliable Backup Power and UPS solution for your internet and WiFi connection. With intelligent charging and low battery protection. When you can’t rely on Eskom while working or playing at home, the NerdPower box will keep you online while the lights are out. Guaranteed* uptime during load shedding and continued battery maintenance.

Power as a Service

The problem with most power-backup and ups solutions is that they include a battery component. Our product is not any different and, as with all other battery-operated solutions, the solution’s longevity is determined by the battery’s lifespan. By just addressing the current need and providing a device once-off, you will inevitably require replacements and further expenses to ensure continuous power delivery. This exercise is cumbersome and unpredictable.

Get our power back and ups for your WiFi router today!

  • Compatible with most 12V routers and fibre CPE’s. 5V or 9V available on request.
  • From R99.00 per Month (Minimum 24 Month Term)
  • Power Supply Unit including battery
  • Ongoing Swop out guarantee on Power Supply Unit
  • Guaranteed battery uptime for load shedding including ongoing battery replacements. T&C Apply
  • Includes Delivery Charges within city metros

*Power Solutions Only Guaranteed up to Stage 4 Load Shedding

**Uptime varies depending on the connected devices

Model Basic
Housing Durable PVC
Input 90V – 265V
Output 13.8V DC
Max Current 3.2 Amps
Dimensions (W x L x H) mm 190 x 185 x 65
Battery Capacity 7.2Ah
Output Connectors 2 x 1m 2.2mm DC Cables

(1.3mm and 2.5mm Converters Supplied)

Connected Devices Wifi Router & Fibre CPE/ONT
Low Battery Switch @ 10v Yes
Safety Certifications Yes
Uptime Up to 5 Hours**

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