Myths about the Cloud, Demystified

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myths about the cloud demystified

Most companies want the usability and cost effectiveness of the Cloud; however, they find it difficult to trust the Cloud with the amount of contradictory information floating around the Internet.

If the data moves to the Cloud your business will not have control of its technology

When you move to the Cloud, time and money spent on maintaining hardware and software is significantly reduced. So, instead of consistently repairing technology, you are able to focus on what you do best, which is business. This also will allow for more capital expenditure to be spent elsewhere such as launching new business initiatives.

The Cloud is not safe

It is becoming more clear that your on-site servers are not more secure than the Cloud. Many companies are hacked and don’t even know it. Cyber security has become a job that requires experts that come with a big cost to company. Microsoft hires the best for this exact purpose, on a scale that many other IT companies dream of.

For example, to keep Office 356 security above industry standards, Microsoft’s security team uses processes such as the Security Development Lifecycle (this is a process used to help software developers design and build more secure software), traffic throttling, and preventing, detecting and modifying breaches that many businesses don’t have the financial resources to sort out. On top of this, Microsoft is consistently up to date with security compliances, laws and regulations to ensure they give you the safest service possible.

You have to move everything to the Cloud

Most Cloud implementations start with one thing, such as email, and grow from there. The Cloud creates a platform that reaches many data centres, allowing you to access apps and data from virtually anywhere (granted you have an Internet connection). Many companies are moving their productivity data onto the cloud. We can help you move workloads such as a file sync and share (OneDrive) or email (Exchange) first. We can then help you work out which is the right long-term plan for bigger projects.

Moving to the Cloud will be too much for my business to handle

When your business is considering moving petabytes of data to the Cloud, it’s understandable to think moving to the Cloud will be too much. We are not going say that it’s incredibly easy, however your business can be up and running quickly with calculated data migrations. Dial a Nerd will help you every step of the way, ensuring that your data is safely and effectively transferred.

Corporate spies, cyber thieves and the Government will have access to my data if it’s in the Cloud

The is a major worry of most businesses, but its hearsay. Your IT team will manage, access and set permissions for who can access your Cloud of data. Your company will always be the sole owner. For example, Microsoft operates under several key principals with Office 365:

  • They do not go through your data for advertising or any other purposes other than doing such for servicing the product you have paid for.
  • If you ever choose to leave the service, you take your data with you.
  • Privacy controls allow you to give access and permissions to whomever you like in your organisation.
  • Auditing and supervision prevent admins from accessing unauthorised data.

Dial a Nerds staff do not have access to your data. Microsoft is the first major cloud provider to adopt the world’s first international standard for cloud privacy. The standard establishes a uniform, international approach to protecting privacy for personal data stored in the cloud.

When you are busy and inundated with business productivity, it’s not easy to squeeze in some time to find out about new products and evaluate if it fits in with your business goals. Contact Dial a Nerd to help you make the decision, and at least now you know a bit about the Cloud.

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