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Is fax really dead?

By 21st Oct 2015Oct 18th, 2016No Comments

faxWhen was the last time you sent a fax? I bet your answer is probably going to suggest that you don’t use fax machines much anymore. Yet the statistics are surprising. People have been predicting the death of faxing for over 15 years. Estimates put the number of fax machines worldwide at around 45 million, why is this technology that seems a relic of days past, still not going away? Certainly online faxing is very much alive. Here are a few reasons

Proof of delivery

Unlike with email and mobile text messaging, with faxes the receiving fax machine must acknowledge that the document was received successfully. Your notification is proof that your document has been successfully delivered to the recipient.

Legally binding

The intrinsic nature of the T.30 fax protocol, accurately reproducing documents between two remote points, meets the legal requirements of custodianship – that no third party could reasonably intercept and/or make changes to the document between the sender and the receiver.


The T.30 fax protocol is a point-to-point communication system and any malicious attempt to intercept or alter the data will be detected by either the sending or the receiving party and ultimately cause the transmission to fail.

Fax is established

When writers/bloggers make lists of practices and technologies that have reached the end of their usefulness they often mention business cards, newspapers, optical discs and credit cards. And everyone mentions fax machines. Indeed, the humble fax machine as we know it may fade away. But fax as a communication standard for national and international commerce is deeply entrenched and not going anywhere any time soon. People, like organizations, often forget about the importance of fax until there is a telephony glitch or a fax server goes down, then their reliance on the technology comes into sharp focus.

Many government agencies in South Africa still use fax routinely, so do a lot of businesses and banks happily accept faxes as legally binding documents. If you need to receive faxes but don’t want to buy or replace your old fax machine, you can easily subscribe to a free fax-to-email service. You will immediately receive your unique fax number that is yours for life. Once associated to your email address, any fax sent to your number will be automatically converted to an email that will show up in your inbox right away. Dial a Nerd has partnered with Faxunplugged a reliable and tested provider that can offer this service totally free of charge forever; you can get your Fax-to-email unique number here.



  • No setup or management fees
  • Fax email solutions are literally an Instant setup
  • Better Print Quality fax to email is delivered in PDF
  • Send & receive faxes to any email address worldwide
  • Fax numbers remain unchanged if you move
  • Save on paper, ink, fax machine maintenance and rentals
  • No line is ever engaged for fax to email
  • If your email server is down the faxes will queue and never be lost
  • Faxes remain confidential as they are delivered directly to the addressee
  • Fax to email allows you to store faxes easily without scanning
  • Fax numbers are not area code specific as they are national numbers
  • Best of all it’s FREE!

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