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Innovative Technological Redesigns of Everyday Things

By 30th May 2018May 19th, 2021No Comments
Innovative Technological Redesigns

Innovation is all around us with computers, cars and, smartphones consistently evolving. Some things, however, don’t seem capable of changing. How do you make a carpet or a rubbish bin more innovative? Technology may surprise you sometimes…

Wi-Fi Routers

Your normal Wi-Fi router uses radio waves to connect you to the Internet. Scientists have a developed a Wi-Fi that uses light. They do this by sending messages through the flickering of the lights. This flickering is fast enough so that the human eye can’t see it. Right now the system is quite fast, but Fibre is faster.

Touch Screens

Microsoft is working on developing Ironman-Esque touchscreens that don’t need an actual screen. They have called the product OmniTouch and it projects an image from a small sensor. A few applications such as drawing and keyboards have all worked with success and you can have several things open at once.


For a pretty penny, you can own a rug that cleans your shoes for you. As you walk on it, it opens small valves that suck the dirt off the bottom of your shoes. Everything that is collected from your shoes goes into a small container that is made for easy cleaning later. While the mats are rather expensive, they are useful for places that need clean rooms such as a hospital ICU.

Rubbish Bins

How many times have you played basketball with a piece of crumpled paper and a bin only just to miss your target? This crazy bin uses Xbox Kinect Technology to map the room and detect rubbish flying towards it to catch it. Once you have it set up, it operates entirely on its own.

Clothes that generate electricity

You generate energy all day. From moving to making yourself breathe, energy is constantly being generated. Wouldn’t it be great if we could harness that energy? Zn0 fibres generate electricity when they are stressed. They are so small they can be sewn into clothes and they will generate electricity from your body’s movement (even breathing!).

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