How to clean up your PC: Part 3

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how to clean up your pc part 3

Even though to some it’s just documents on a screen, your PC can get just as cluttered as that dusty filing cabinet stuffed with paperwork. A declutter of your PC can help it run smoother. As part of our new ‘How to’ series every Thursday, we will give you advice with some PC issues. This week: Defragmenting your hard drive.

Part 3: Defragmenting your hard drive

Defragging your hard drive compacts all the extra data from your first 2 clean up actions. In principle, it is a way of speeding up your PC. Defragging finds all the random bits of data strewn around your PC and compacts them so it is quicker for you to find information and run programs.

The only way this won’t work is if your PC has an SSD. Don’t defrag if you have this, it will only wear out the SSD more quickly.

Windows 8 automatically defrags once a week, if you haven’t changed any of these settings it should still do it. However, you can still do it by searching ‘defragment’. Windows 7 and below search for ‘Disk Defragment’.

Open the program. A box will pop up with the hard drives on your computer and how fragmented they are. You won’t need to defrag if your drive is less than 10% fragmented. If you need to defrag, click ‘Defragment Now’

Picture courtesy of Picjumbo.com

Picture courtesy of Picjumbo.com

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