How to clean up your PC: Part 2

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how to clean up your pc part 2

Even though to some it’s just documents on a screen, your PC can get just as cluttered as that dusty filing cabinet stuffed with paperwork. A declutter of your PC can help it run smoother. As part of our new ‘How to’ series every Thursday, we will give you advice with some PC issues. This week: Delete programs you don’t use.

Part 2: Delete programs you don’t use

Windows also has a built in tool for this. Type in the search bar “Uninstall” for Windows 8 and 10, for windows 7 and below, go to Control Panel and then click on “Add/ Remove Programs”. You will then see a list of all programs on your PC. Any program you want removed just click “Uninstall” next to it. Only delete programs that you don’t use.

Sometimes you don’t remove all the data connected to a program when you uninstall it. A tool you can use for this is Revo Uninstaller. In this application you can click on a program to remove it and also clear the registry of any other additional data.

Picture courtesy of Freepik.com

Picture courtesy of Freepik.com

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