How to clean up your PC Part 1

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how to clean up your pc part 1

Even though to some it’s just documents on a screen, your PC can get just as cluttered as that dusty filing cabinet stuffed with paperwork. A declutter of your PC can help it run smoother. As part of our new ‘How to’ series every Thursday we will give you advice with some PC issues. This week: Clean up junk files.

Part 1: Clean up junk files

As your PC or Laptop get older, the more it collects data on the hard drive. Majority of these are duplicate files such as music and photos, deleting them won’t do anything as they are copies. A software you can download is Easy Duplicate Finder.

You can then use the built in clean-up software on your Windows PC. First, empty the recycle bin. Second, go to your search and look for Disk Clean-Up (You may have to search Disk Clean Up, it depends on which version of Windows you are using). Click on ‘Clear Disk Space by deleting unnecessary files’. The programme will then give you a list of these files, you can go through them and check if you want remove all of them. Just uncheck the file if you want to keep it on your PC. To delete the files, click ‘Clean up system files’.

Photo from Picjumbo.com

Photo from Picjumbo.com

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