HOME Unlimited telephonic and remote support (HUTR) for ALL your IT requirements for you and your family. You and up to 4 additional family members will have access to our team of helpdesk engineers, who will assist you with any of your IT related issues. These range from assisting with the configuring your emails on your computer, helping you get your wireless functional, staying protected from cyber threats and even the setup of your smart TV or streaming services on devices. 

Through the small monthly subscription of R299 p/m; your family will have access to unlimited remote support. We have been providing an “unlimited” telephonic and remote support solution to businesses since 2012 and figure that (now homes are connected and getting “smart”) it’s time to extend the offer. In addition to this, we’ve been supporting the home for over 20 years already and therefore can resolve any issues that may arise.  

We understand that nobody wants to face unplanned and unbudgeted expenditure for computer support, so partner with us today and ensure you have a Nerd in the cloud to tackle your IT problems and sign up for Dial a Nerds Home UTR. 

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