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GoT merchandise that super fans will love!

By 11th Jul 2017No Comments

Do you consider yourself the King in the North of your own proud house? Or maybe you’re the Master of Whisperers in the Seven Kingdoms of your office. Whoever you are in GoT, if you’re a super fan, you simply have to check out the awesome merchandise sold on the official HBO online store.

We’re geeking out hard in the Showmax offices, here are some of our favourite picks.

Conquer any jol with this Hand of the King bottle opener. ($14.99) 

The Risk of White-Walker Monopoly Capital. (Risk – $74.99 / Monopoly $59.99)

Drinkware game strong. ($14.99)

Ghost in pup art form. ($9.99)

A replica of Khal Drogo’s Arakh blade. For Mondays. ($250)

Armor of the Unsullied. For Fridays. ($700)

Season 7 of GoT premiers on 16 July and we cannot wait! To get ready for the release you can binge-watch all six previous seasons right now on Showmax!

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