The Future of Information Technology

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Brian Timperley comments on what the future holds for Information Technology:

Cloud Drives Change

“Cloud computing is going mainstream, with a significant impact on the overall PC market in the shape of computing devices of the future. Virtualisation, centralised hosting and cloud computing are all growing in power, while at the same time their cost is dropping. This means that for the a fraction of the cost, you now have access to far more powerful compute, that is hosted centrally and distributed down to device.

“Looking at the hardware itself, our PC’s will become thinner, lighter, more flexible with more visual real estate, and they will be more connected. Choice is going to be a big part of what comes to market in the future – users will seek one device for multiple uses in varying sizes: unfold it and fold it to the size they want for a particular use case. The same will apply to computer screens, projectors and other hardware. For example, technology is already available that allows your keyboard to be projected onto a screen or other surface, allowing the user to adjust to display size according to their needs.”

This originally appeared in The Margin. Read more below:

The Margin: What does the Future Hold

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