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ESET Antivirus and Smart Security Version 7

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eset antivirus and smart security version 7


ESET is the antivirus and security system that we recommend to our customers and use on all of our computers, at work and home.

On the 16th October 2013, ESET launched Version 7 of NOD32 and Smart Security. New technology features include Exploit Blocker, Advanced Memory Scanner, Vulnerability Shield and ESET Social Media Scanner.

ESET is known for creating security products that enable safer enjoyment of technology, without being invasive on your system or compromising performance. Their new products offer even greater protection, due to unique core technology improvements, from new and still-to-be-discovered malware.

These days, cybercriminals deploy heavily-encrypted malware, designed to evade detection. To further increase infection and damage, vulnerable applications are being targeted, such as web browsers, PDF readers, email or MS Office components.

To deal with these threats, ESET has conducted extensive research and extended its core detection technology in version 7 products with three new features:

  • Exploit Blocker targets the very process of exploiting vulnerable applications. It is generic and independent of the payload/malware that infects the machine. It provides protection against new and undiscovered malware, also known as zero day threats.
  • Advanced Memory Scanner steps in as a post-execution method, and aims to detect any outstanding malware that other technologies haven’t spotted. The Scanner helps to protect against malware actively trying to evade detection by employing muddying techniques.
  • Vulnerability Shield is an extension of Personal Firewall in ESET Smart Security. It operates on the network level and protects against misuse of known vulnerabilities in network protocols.

The new technologies in version 7 are implemented in such a way that they work in unison and are capable of proactively detecting and blocking vulnerabilities such as the February 2013, PDF exploit, CVE-2013-0641, dubbed the exploit of the year because of its popularity and inclusion in Exploit Kits. The technology also aims to address the issue of targeted attacks, such as the infamous RSA breach in 2011.

Because of the growth of social media cyber threats including Twitter spam and malware, the new version 7 products have various product enhancements to boost security and pack an improved ESET Social Media Scanner (version 2). It monitors and keeps the user and their friends’ social network accounts away from threats, allowing the user to choose from on-demand and automatic scans for malware detection. Apart from better scanning of Facebook, it also extends protection to the user’s Twitter account. The Security Centre displays the current privacy level on Facebook and Twitter, with suggestions for changes to improve privacy settings.

Both, ESET Antivirus and ESET Smart Security are officially certified for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.

For more information on Version 7, how to upgrade or purchase ESET products, please contact us.

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