Business Directed To Adapt Or Die

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The evolution of technology has meant that small to medium enterprises (SMEs) no longer need to be responsible for IT in the traditional sense. In fact, they have surpassed their larger counterparts as early adopters of the latest cloud-based services.
The SME’s requirements are clear: compute, connect, communicate, and backup their data. The hosted environment provides the perfect way to do just that. It offers scalability, redundancy, and security; all with enormous convenience and highly cost effective.
But, the one critical enabler for all of this, of course, is internet connectivity.
After all – cloud-enabled businesses rely on uninterrupted connectivity, in some ways even more than they rely on electricity.
South African businesses have adapted well to having standby batteries, solar backups, nd generators at the ready for when Eskom decides to fail us. But in the same way, businesses need to have backups for when their Internet provision fails. Fortunately, because there is competition in the connectivity market between access mediums, as well as between providers, second- and third-tier failover options are available.

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