9 ingenious ways aid workers and scientists are using drones for good

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Drones sometimes get some negative press, but there are many ways that they are being used for good. Drone’s are helping us tackle some of the biggest social and environmental issues of this day and age. When used ethically, drones help aid organisations, citizens and scientists do good. Let’s have a look at how we are doing this for good.

Humanitarian Aid

Drones have a proven track record when it comes to disaster relief. In the past, they have helped aid workers identify where people might need help after disasters such as the Nepal Earthquake. Now we are testing how drones can actually deliver the aid themselves.

Animal Science and Research

Drones are helping animal scientists by giving them access to views they’ve never seen before. For example, in 2017, researchers captured rare footage of blue whales. This allowed them to gain a new perspective on the beautiful animals.

Anti-poaching and reducing wildlife crime

Drones can help protect endangered wildlife from poachers. For the past few years, anti-poaching activists have used drones in African countries to save animals from being attacked. Drones can pick up and intercept poaching gangs.

Fighting illegal logging

Illegal logging isn’t just an eye-sore, it also leaves destruction of species, ecosystems and local communication in its wake. A number of groups have employed the use of drones to capture illegal loggers.

Medical Emergencies

Getting medical aid to people in rural areas can be quite difficult due to factors like accessibility. Many drones have been invented to deliver basic medical support to people such as organs, blood, first aid and even help fight malaria.

Sexual health

In many developing countries family planning is a massive issue in combating population control. Drones are assisting with this issue by delivering birth control pills, condoms, and other medical supplies to those in areas where they can’t easily access it.

Fighting pollution

China is notoriously well known for its pollution problem, but in 2014 they decided to use drone technology to fight the problem. One drone was used to create artificial wind currents to reduce air pollution and in 2016 they sent out a fleet to detect illegal emissions.

Refugee search and rescue

Over 900 refugees died last year trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea. Drones are being used to find ships carrying refugees, pick up the coordinates so that they can be rescued.

Connecting developing countries

Facebook has created drones that can drastically better access to information in the developing world. Their project, called Aquilla, aims to get the 4.1 billion people not connected to the Internet, connected. It’s still in testing stages but it could possibly help improve the standards of living.




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