8 hacks to turn you into a Showmax binge-watching pro

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If you’ve never employed these tips and tricks to maximise your experience of the 35 000 series episodes, movies and documentaries on Showmax, you’ve been missing out.

1. Skip intro when watching on PC

Why: To save time and get you straight to the action. For example: as much as we love the ever-changing intricacies of the Game of Thrones lead-in, using the Skip Intro feature on PC will save you around a minute-and-a-half in every episode. And when you’re bingeing on the full boxset of 67 episodes (Seasons 1 to 7 are all available on Showmax), skipping the intro in every episode will save you just over 100 minutes in total!

How: When you’re about 15 seconds into the episode you’re watching, look out for the Skip Intro button on the bottom right of the screen. Click on it. The end. (Well, technically, “the beginning”, but you get the drift.)

2. Use these keyboard shortcuts when watching on PC

Why: To make navigation easier. And though this may seem a little arbitrary, it’s a real problem for Mac fanboys and girls: when your Mac mouse runs low on battery, you can’t use it at the same time as charging it (obviously). But with these shortcuts, you can plug your mouse in to charge while you watch and use your keyboard to control your viewing.

How: Behold.

3. Take your pick from the suggestions feature on PC

Why: To save time you’d usually spend browsing for the next cool show to watch once you’ve finished an episode or a season of a series.

How: When there are around 20 seconds left of the series you’re watching, a window will open that gives you the option to either skip straight to the next episode in a series, or to choose one of the two suggested shows curated by Showmax. To carry on with the same series, click the pink Watch Now button, and click on one of the two suggested shows if you’d rather move on to something similar.

4. Don’t waste time browsing – check out the Showmax Collections instead

Why: Browsing aimlessly is for amateurs. Showmax Collections are carefully curated to make it easier for you to choose what to watch next. Did you know that Showmax is the only streaming service that offers collections? You’re welcome.

How: Search “Collections” in the Showmax app for smartphones and tablets, on PC or on your smart TV. You’ll find box sets of shows that you’ll find only on Showmax (including racy period drama Harlots, MMA action-drama Kingdom, critically acclaimed crime drama series Rectify plus Tom Hardy’s Taboo, Sex-and-the-City-esque Younger and brand-new Mr Robot Season 3), the Best of HBO Collection (Girls, Game of Thrones, Westworld and over 30 more series), The Transformers Collection, The Oscars Movie Collection, plus a number of Hidden Gems collections to help you find those undiscovered, un-hyped titles, and the list goes on. Read more here.

5. Downloads FTW!

Why: To save data and help you keep your cool in queues and in traffic.

How: Download up to 25 shows onto the Showmax app on smartphone or tablet, and then watch them offline later. Use a free WiFi hotspot to do the downloading, and you’ll have used absolutely zero data to get your binge on. Sitting in an Uber in a traffic jam and queuing at the Post Office will never be boring again, when you’ve got a library of awesome Showmax series and movies in your pocket ready to go, wherever you are. Just don’t forget to take headphones with you – there’s no guaranteeing you’ll keep your stellar Uber rating if your driver takes offence to South Park (Season 21 comes to Showmax express from the US every Thursday). Read more here.

6. See what time your show will end on Apple TV

Why: To show you what time the episode or movie you’re watching is due to finish, so you don’t have to do any sums in your head – or any thinking at all, really – to decide how many more episodes you can fit in before going to bed.

How: Switch the player progress bar from position to time by touching (not pressing) the pad area of the remote control.

(Disclaimer: This is an Apple TV feature)

7. Search by voice on Android TV

Why: So you don’t have to type anything into the search for the show you want. After a day at work, the less typing, the better, right?

How: On true Android TV devices, navigate to search in the app and say the name of the show you’re looking for.

(Disclaimer: This is an Android TV feature)

8. Use shortcut buttons on your smart TV remote

Why: To save you time navigating around the app on your smart TV. All you have to do is remember which colour button does what.

How: Use the coloured button on your remote control (red, green, yellow, and blue) for quick access to menu, search, sort, filters and more, depending on the screen you’re on.

(Disclaimer: This is typical in smart TV apps)

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