Why do I need a firewall?

Dial a Nerd currently supports, updates and controls just under 400 firewalls around South Africa protecting small businesses from Ransomware, data loss, and network breaches that are becoming more and more common. In addition to this, and more operationally beneficial to business owners, are the internal bandwidth management control that one gains and safe & secure browsing for employees. For well over ten years Sonicwall’s range of devices are our trusted “go to” piece of equipment as they work seamlessly in our customer environments and delivers value on a daily basis when we review how many attacks are stopped and how much malware is refused. Our customers can remain blissfully unaware that they even have them, because these devices simply do their job.

Cyber Threat Report 2019

Gain perspective on cybercriminal attack strategies and understand how to properly defend your organization or business.

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